Google Superstar

I just googled myself. I know, this is sad, possibly even pathetic. But it turned out to be a huge perk me up, because the first 3 pages on the search engine are all me! About a book I had published, or my various old sites, etc., but still all me. It’s pretty weird to see that stuff, lemme tell ya. To actually see pages with your own self, not “a person that has your name but isn’t you.” I’m lucky that way, I suppose. My first name is semi unique, but my 1st and last together? I seriously doubt there are a lot of Autumn LeBeau’s in the world. And there we have it, the anonymity is gone!

Not to worry, various friends, people I know, and family members- none of you, outside of the kids and handsomely bearded husband- shall be named. Some of you… **sigh**.. it would be so tempting to name you, but that would be out of the desire to say not-so-nice things about you, and have the entire world know who I’m saying them about. So I’ll refrain, mostly because I could so get sued otherwise. We’ll pretend it’s because I’m a decent person, won’t we?

So now that everybody knows my name, does that mean I need to be censored for fear of opinions? To remain “typical”? Nope. I’ve lived that life long enough, and it is not fulfilling, the constant worry of what impressions you make, or what might be said behind your back. So here I go, waving a middle finger cheerily at the judgmental. My house is unorganized, I have tons of dirty laundry (of all kinds, people), my kids drive me nuts -a lot- and I’m definitely not your typical housewife or mom. Just like my family is far from “typical.” Chaotic, frustrating, funny, lovable, disorganized, crazed…. but 100% unique.

Judge me, talk about me, love me or hate me. That’s your call. Just keep “typical” as far from us as you can. To be typical would be the ultimate insult.

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