If you need to catch up, I'll slow down. But I can't stop. This is all too important, everything happening right now. This is what counts, all these little moments, all the in between. So, yeah. I'll slow down, but I know now that I can't stop. It just isn't an option anymore. I'm on the path I'm supposed to be, all the way around. I feel it in my bones. Life is happening, all around us, and why in the world should we stop? We should pause to look at it, reflect on it, enjoy the sweet moments and pay attention to the reminders that life isn't forever. We are timeless, but not immortal. Stopping happiness and joy from happening is a waste-of life and of what we leave behind, to be remembered by. That's why it counts, why it is SO important. What do you want to remember? What do you want to be the legacy you leave behind for those who love you, the ones walking, or running, to keep up, slowing down or calling for you to catch up. Nothing else matters, not really. Grab it and go with it- it's the only one you have.

There's no rewind button, there's no “do over”. I know, that sucks. I get that, believe me, I get it and it can cut away if you let it. But that makes here and now that much more important- do it better, now. Do it different, NOW. You can't change something you did, said, should've- you just can't. But it makes you a different person, one who regrets and learns, and knows better. One who sees the difference between who they were and who they are. Where they were and where they are. Sometimes that's a HUGE leap, and one to be so grateful for once you see it. It can change everything, give you everything you thought you'd lost, or never had to begin with. And I'd have missed it if I hadn't started walking.

So now I will keep walking, because if this is what I have, all of this, in my life? All these people, creating these moments, these memories, these life changing experiences- why would I want to do anything else? I know what I have, all the way around. I know how blessed I am, how lucky I am to be where I am right this moment. It's right. It just is. Can't explain it, can't fight it, don't want to. :)

Life is precious. Love and memories more so. I know that now without a shadow of a doubt in my heart. So.. let's take a walk.

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