It is definitely fall, Internet. The season I am named for, and a season of change. My favorite season, with holidays just around the corner. I am a sucker for the leaves turning and falling, and then the kids' laughter when they jump into the piles of muted reds, oranges and yellows. It makes me smile, the crisp air and evenings made for stews and soups, chili and warm tea.

It's been quiet, which I'm not complaining about. I'm also not counting on it staying quiet, because as soon as I relax, everything changes. But it has been a really peaceful week here, and it drives home to me that this is how it should be. Peaceful and calm, no eggshells and no bombshells. Like I said, though, it won't last- things will need to go on, I suppose. It's what I do with that, for my kids and myself, that I wrestle with. I feel how I do for a reason, and nothing is changing that- only strengthening it.

Keep an eye on my other blog for some yummy, hearty recipes coming soon... the cook in me has been slaving without sharing, and that's going to change! :) There are quite a few stew-soup recipes I'm working on, and recipes guaranteed to make your kids enjoy some veggies if they're picky like mine. So, keep your eyes peeled... and for now, enjoy the fall! Grab a cozy quilt, some hot tea or a glass of wine, and snuggle in. It's good for the soul!

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