Been awhile. Again. Summer is winding down... but I'm thinking it won't be going out without a bang. I may be absent (again) for awhile as things unfold, or I may ramble here and make no sense to those of you not living this with me. either way....

Right now it's all about the music. I figure everyone can use some new tunes once in awhile, so I've complied a list of what I'm listening to right now. Check these out, they're great cleaning songs, and great energy burners. Enjoy!

Battlefield- Jordin Sparks
Bleed It Out- Linkin Park
Sometime Around Midnight- The Airborne Toxic Event
Snuff- Slipknot
Beautiful- Eminem (will be on my playlist forever I think!)
Knock You Down-Keri Hilson
Gives You Hell- The All-American Rejects
Trust Me-3oh!3
99 Problems/One Step Closer- Jay Z / Linkin Park
Candle (Sick and Tired)- The White Tie Affair
Wishing Well- The Airborne Toxic Event
Take What You Take- Lily Allen
I Don't Care- Apocalyptica
Best Days- Matt White
Angels on the Moom- Thriving Ivory
Careful What You Wish For-Eminem

Some of these are oldies, but there are a few new ones (or new to you, maybe?) as well. I'll give you a real post soon, don't think I've completely abandoned you! Things are just busy with back to school, end of summer, and lots of "lasts". Soo.... get some of these tracks! You need them! Cause I said so! ;)

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Thanks for the tips!