Vinegar and Honey

Cold season has officially started around here. J started it (shocker, LOL), and got rid of it almost as soon as he caught it. the kids are in various stages of sniffling and coughing, and I simply can't breathe. I hate head colds- the full, foggy feeling can knock me down faster than the flu. It was a night for vapor baths and vapo rub- that makes me super popular with the kids, you know. they see it and run screaming in the other direction. They absolutely hate the smell of it, and I can't really blame them I guess. Simple tricks, though- one is to rub it on their feet and put thick socks over it. Seriously, it works. the other? Wait till they're asleep and coat their necks. I'm sneaky like that... but seriously? You'd think I was the most horrible person on the planet for wanting to restore their ability to breathe. Shame on me, right?

I don't really know what to say about everything else. I'm a little uncomfortable mentioning it here right now (thanks Feedjit). When someone finds me here by searching the Net for me by name, it makes me a little wary of just who is reading. So.. nothing new to mention here. Especially considering I don't have a sense of who's actually wearing the white hat anymore. It's all about the tone of voice. And that's all I'm saying.

Besides, it's time to stop beating a dead horse around here. Ther are a lot of positives in the midst of all the negatives, and it's way past time to get back to some of that stuff. It's been way too serious lately, and it's been constant thinking, re thinking, worrying and basically utter chaos. Emotionally, I'm drained. Physically, I'm drained. I'm tired of being tired, and tired of feeling like I need to do just one more thing before I can relax. Being this tense is not good for anyone. I need to step back for a second and realize I'm doing what I can, and that's all that I CAN do. It's all anyone can do, really- make an effort. A real one?

So, back to the normal stuff- more pics, kids, pets, quotes, movies, TV, and all that junk starting tomorrow. Enough of the dark and brooding... and enough of TMI for those who don't need it.

Like I said- it's all in the tone. And that honey-vinegar thing? So, so true.

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Casey said...

Sorry you're being internet stalked (at least that's what it sounds like). It's freaky to see what people are actually searching for, isn't it?
I hope you guys all feel better soon...