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I want to start this post off with a big congrats to J, who, over the weekend, became Sports Editor over at Crave Online. Crave is a pretty cool site, if you have never checked it out. they cover sports, comics, movies... they run the gamut of topics over there, and the articles are entertaining and informed. check them out! J has written for them freelance for over a year now, starting with comics, then adding sports to the mix. Now, he's moved up the ladder in the sports area and I can't think of anyone better for the job. The man loves sports, and writes one hell of an article. Pop over there and have a look around- I guarantee that there's something there for you to enjoy.

Next up- I've decided, after months of thinking and procrastinating, to attempt NaBloPoMo for November. Probably because there is no theme. I know myself well enough to realize writing daily, with a theme, would drive me insane. I most likely could not do it, or would claw my face off trying to do it. Writing every day, even on weekends, will be enough of a challenge for me right now, but something that I need to get back into doing. The creative juices are not flowing as freely as they once did (damn the flowage), and I'm hoping winter finds me typing away at something besides the blog, you know? Head over there as well and check it out- it's a fun community to join! And an interesting way to exercise your writing skills, even if those include rambling on and occasionally posting pictures of your cat wearing children's clothing. **cough**

Next month is Taylor's first birthday- I can barely believe it! I'm not planning a huge party- just a family- friends type event here at home, like we did for Alyssa and Jake. I am planning a lot of decorations and things to make it fun for her, and am trying to settle on a theme. The kids' parties have always been themed, but Miss T doesn't really have one thing she favors more, character or toy wise. She's bound and determined to be unique, this teething, non sleeping last baby baby of mine, and she is excelling. LOL So I'm thinking of just doing a theme of my own. Pastels, a few brighter colors, some girly things... something fun, memorable, and non cheesy, like a lot of the first birthday decor sets I'm seeing. Any ideas?

I'm anxious to see where she falls in the first cake category. Alyssa refused to touch her cake. She hated sweets of any kind until she was about three, and on her 1st, i was the one who put her fingers in the frosting... and then dabbed some on her nose and face thinking it would be cute, and she'd see it tasted yummy. It apparently was NOT yummy, and the photos show her crying hysterically as we rush to wipe the poison evil of sugar from her face and hands. I remember her flailing her hands in the air, screeching at the injustice of me trying to give her frosting and cake.

Jake, on the other hand... LOL. Jake tore his cake up. And then became territorial and swiped at anyone attempting to clean him off, remove the cake, etc... it was hysterical. He was covered by the time he was done. He tested it warily at first, and then plowed in, got it EVERYWHERE, got tired and proceeded to rub his face and head with his cake hands. The final pic of that we have is him leaning away from J, glaring as he approached to remove him from the demolition site. It took forever to get the frosting off of him, even in the bath. That stuff is like glue in hair.

So, I'm excited and a little sad. First birthdays are bittersweet. My baby is heading for toddler land, and soon the snuggles and games are going to change. The babbles will be real words and sentences, the crawling and pulling up will be walking, then running. The still gummy smiles will be filled with actual teeth, and the little curls will be longer and lose that baby fine texture. I don't really miss those early weeks and months, but there's a longing nonetheless. I miss the idea of doing it again, I suppose. The possibility.

But I look at all three of them, in their various stages and ones they've gone through, and I can say I am content with things as they are. Because there may be times I'll miss the small, sweet babies they used to be, I can watch them change, grow, become their own people and see so many possibilities.

I was going to touch on politics today, but it doesn't seem the post for it. Next time, maybe, when I can take time to really think about how I want to say things. For now, I'll leave you guys with this- pick a memory. A good one! Now, take a few minutes to be nostalgic- remember something that will give you the warm fuzzies all over. Whether it's your first kiss, your first baby, your first.. heh... take a few minutes to look back and remember- you are where you are, in part, because of that very moment. Weird, huh? Now, think of a not so good memory- and it's the same thing. You wouldn't be where you are without either. Think about that. what did you learn? How did it shape you? What did you walk away from it with, what did you leave behind?

Just food for thought.....

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