Ugh- This Isn't Just Star Treatment!!

There are plenty of things on this beautiful World Wide Web that entertain me, puzzle me, intrigue me, irritate me. There are some, however, that piss me the f**k off (the "**" are for delicate eyes; I do say the F word. a lot. On a daily basis. And this makes me want to type it here, maniacally. But I'll refrain. For now.)

This article? Pisses me off. To the point I say the F word. And a lot of other words. Words (and phrases) that include- cover up, negligence, money talks, irresponsibility, gee shouldn't we all be anorexic with raccoon make up, bullshit, idiots, a shame, a waste, sudden cash cow (not in any way insinuating this tragedy was wanted, encouraged or signs of help were ignored), looking the other way. I cannot stand this "demanding immunity" bullshit. It makes me want to punch someone in the face, seriously. And not because I feel that the Olsen chick, or anyone other than Mr. Ledger himself, were directly to blame. Yes, he took whatever he took. Yes, he was doing what he wanted to. Yes... it is easy to say. About someone else. But, if you want immunity, you know something damning. And I've heard that before.

And you know what? Don't tell the press, or the public. But tell. So family and friends can have some peace of mind. Know why? Because anyone involved in this sort of death wants to know. Always. And we wait. We hate those of you with the deceased at the time, and we wait. For answers that don't come, or those that don't satisfy. We wait. And it haunts us, regardless of years that go by- it tarnishes images we had, distorts thoughts we held so close.... and still we wait. (And yes, those who know me, that IS who it reminds me of, that IS what I am talking about.)

This sort of thing? Sickens the shit out of me. People rushing to cover their asses at the risk of someone else- someone who could have been very much alive during those efforts. Why, if some were so hell bent on covering their asses (not his), could they not step up to the plate now, and give those who deserve it some peace?

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