Why Why Why?

My one-time favorite show will never be the same.

I stopped watching CSI regularly when they started to change things up a lot (aka, no Gil Grissom, talks of no more Grissom, ever) and have been playing catch up on Spike! TV. I love CSI. Not Miami, not New York, but my CSI in Las Vegas, which I started watching religiously after it's first season.

Now, it's all going to be reruns for me, because I can't picture CSI without William Petersen. His character is too essential, too quirky and I admit it, too good looking (lol) to be easily replaced or forgotten.

Good-bye, Grissom. I'll see you in the reruns......

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Jenni Bates said...

I agree. What is CSI without the quirkiness and one-liners that are Gil Grissom?!?!?! It's a sad day.