Pic-a-palooza (How We Have Grown)

I've posted a lot of pics of Taylor since starting this blog. she's a baby, babies are cute, and they change so much, so fast. Like today, she started drinking from a sippy cup, which I am trying NOT to call her "cuppy." That's a hard one to break.
But, anyway. It made me think, and that led me to post some pics of all 3 of my rugrats when the older two still WERE rugrats. So, here we go. In no particular order, Zee Growth of Zee Small Ones. :)

This is Alyssa at one month, celebrating her first Easter. you can't tell, but the pants she's weating have little carrots and bunnies all over them. Yes, she was only one month old. And not impressed. :)

This is my guy Jake @ 2 months. He sported a preppy look as a baby- the shorts were khakis and that shirt buttoned over the other one. Too cute.

Miss Lyss @ 7 months. Her first christmas was coming up, and she loved the camera.

Jakers @ 1 month. He was peaceful his whole first year... then he walked... LOL.

Alyssa's first birthday. Anyone remember Bear in the Big Blue House?? He's on her head. And looking at this pic, I see just how much my girls look alike.

Jaker's first birthday party. He loved tearing into all those gifts!

My oh so serious guy @8 months, chillin in his Exersaucer. This was pre-walker, and pre busted up toes for me!

My babies, he @ 1 month, she @ 23 months. Yup, they are THAT close together. And I so loved that hat.

Miss Lyss turning three. Shortly after this picture, she yanked the barrettes out of her hair and cried about it. She wanted those presents, NOW.

Mr. Basketball @18 months. Look at that gorgeous head of hair! Yes, we are a binky bunch.

Me with Lyss @ age 3, on NYE in our new house. Yes, again the binky.

My first born @3 months, with her Pooh. I have one similar to this, somewhere, of her with the Stay The Same cassette. Mr. McIntyre, even then... LOL.

Miss Taylor Madison @ not even a whole day old yet. My last born, always baby, baby.

Jake at four, in preschool. Curls no more....

Miss Lyss on her first day of kindergarten. she thought she was uber cool that day, I'll tell ya!

Jake, thuggin @5.

The toothless wonder @ 5 almost 6.

Taylor today with her brand new friend, Sippy Cup. Sippy Cup was an immediate hit, especially filled with juice. also a hit, vanilla pudding, broccoli carrot and cheese baby food, and cheese puffs. She did not notice my not so subtle crying as she chugged out of the cup while grasping a Mum Mum rice cracker. too fast, too fast, too fast they grow up.

Miss Lyss and the Jake man, today. It flies, doesn't it? You blink, and it's gone. Amazing.Absolutely amazing.


Jenni Bates said...

MY GOD!!!!! Time really does fly by! They have grown into their own, each their own and you can see that through their pictures. It's amazing and wonderful! They are gorgeous!

we_be_toys said...

It does fly by indeed! I was marvelling at the very same thing just the other day. How in the world did my kids get so big? And what am I going to do with those boxes of baby clothes I can't bear to part with?