Kid Speak: Alyssa on Music (and Me on Why the "Jo Bros" Are Slowly Killing Me)

Kids are funny (and intuitive!). Alyssa, especially, is showing a lot of interest in music these days, and has some pretty definite opinions on things. Here are some critiques from my 8 year old music expert:

On "Summertime" and NKOTB:

"Jon's like oh can we just get this over with!" -while watching Summertime on TV.

"Danny says bring on the ladies! Bring it on!"

"Why don't they show more Danny?" (the kid loves Danny)

"Is that Joe's wife?" When I said she was an actress "wow, she's good at it." (snicker)

"Jordan looks bored. That must be his wife." (laughed my ass off on that one...)

"My Joe is way cuter." - comparing Joe Jonas to Joe McIntyre (sigh)

"Those girls need some clothes. Yuck!" The girls are all in bathing suits and short clothing... gotta say i liked her attitude on that.

"Mom why are you looking at him like that?" Um......

On other music: (Notice the Jonas Brothers issue... again and again and again....)

"Did she really??" On Katie Perry's "I Kissed A Girl". "Mom, you have cherry chapstick!" (Yeah, ok, but i never kissed Katie Perry... lol)

"Why don't they show Jonas Brothers on VH1? they should be number one. Every week. Forever." (again, sigh.)

"You probably like this song, huh Mom?" (Charlotte Sometimes "I Could Just Kill a Man." ahaha)

"They need a Jonas Brothers channel. Or just a Joe Jonas one."

"If anyone wants Joe, he's taken!" (meaning Joe Jonas. )

"Camp Rock has the best music. Better than this other stuff." Yes, of course it does.

"New Kids on the Block and Jonas Brothers should sing together. They're about the same." Um.... no.

This is my life right now. I watch her, listen to her music (over and over and OVER) and I'm honestly beginning to wonder why my parents didn't purposely deafen themselves when i was growing up. Hearing the same few song repeatedly, by the same trio of young men, is horrific. LOL Especially when she screams along to it, jumping around like a maniac. Yeah, she's her mother's daughter, all right. I think now that my parents must have been saints, because honestly? I'd like to send the "Jo Bros" on a trip to a deserted island... and all their music with them.......

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