The One With the Obsessions About Stuff

OK, so you guys already know about my obsession with these guys. If you don't, wow, where you been? And you may know, if you've read all my posts, of my obsession with Oreos. No? Well, I have a problem turning down an Oreo, any Oreo. Chances are if you bring me Oreos (especially the mint kind), we'll be friends forever, and ever. And ever.

So, I thought it was time to 'fess up some more. Just to prove how weird I really am. Cause, me? Weirdo with a capital "WEIRD". Yeah.

First up is the obsession with smells. I have to have good smells around me, or i go slightly bonkers. I spent a crazy amount today on cleaning products that contain one of my all time favorite things- Febreze. And one of them was the wet pads for Swiffer... another thing I love more than is healthy. So those two things together? For a clean smelling goodness? I almost had an orgasm right there in the aisle.

I've been cleaning like crazy ever since... seriously, guys, get cleaners that have Febreze in them. My whole house smells wonderful- just fresh and aired out, you know? And it gives me that boost to keep cleaning; i hate cleaners that smell like a cleaning product. It's not inspiring. I need inspiration for it, because cleaning? Not an obsession. lol

My other big 'fess up for today is my Food Network love affair. I'm hooked, my kids are hooked.. there's not much on there we don't watch. I'm big on Diners, Drive ins and Dives right now, and Good Eats I watch over and over again. I think I have a desire to be a gourmet cook that my picky family doesn't allow. LOL

OK, those are a couple of mine. Now, what are a couple of your obsessions? Guilty pleasures? Here, I'll help you out- fudge covered pb cookies (like Tagalongs) in the fridge, just for snacking? Total guilty pleasure! your turn!


Jenni Bates said...

LOL! I completely go through obsessive stages! Right now... Rolos! I love Rolos... I like to suck off all of the chocolate, then mash my tongue into the creamy caramel...yum! I enjoy Oreos... in something, like ice cream.... yummy! At Christmas, they have the white chocolate covered Oreos... big weakness. I get into the holiday fads, too. I love Cadbury's Mini Eggs at Easter, you have to stock up, they are only available at Easter. I love Cheez Its... Actually, I don't think I love them, but I get addicted to them, especially if I haven't eaten in a while. Shall I go on, this could take a while...

Jenni Bates said...

Ha! I forgot one... I love almost anything from Kennedy's Bakery... the original... not the nasty knock-off that needs to change their name. My theory is that they call it Kennedy's Cakes and Doughnuts trying to fool everyone! It's nasty, nasty stuff in there!

Ann said...

Found you on Mom Bloggers Club.
I am totally with you about the smells situation. (The Cleaning Aisle, my favorite place to be in the store.)
I believe I drive my hubby a little bonkers with it.
And re: Good Eats, I do believe I have a little crush on Alton.