A Real LuLu...Of an Injury

I am clumsy. We'll start there. Not run of the mill clumsy, but the room has absolutely nothing in it so let's trip on our own feet or a piece of carpet clumsy. Seriously. and up until now I have been EXTREMELY lucky- I have never broken a bone, or (until now) had any sort of stitches or repair job for an injury. The worst I'd ever done was cracked the growth plate in my left ankle when I was fourteen. My only stitches were from surgeries.

Saturday night I ended up in the ER until almost one AM. Because of the damned dog... yes, he is now the damned dog, and will probably remain so for quite some time. He was racing in and out of the spare room, which is for now the junk room, and barking that charming (God forsaken effing) beagle yowl until I had HAD it. So I charged in, in the dark, hell bent to get the dog. What I DID was get my left foot chopped into by a CD. All the way in, through muscle, etc., almost cutting a tendon in half. It was fantastic. Fan. Tastic. Six stitches later- very deep but not a long gash- I'm hobbling along, supposed to be off my feet as much as humanly possible for ten days. Ten days, with a houseful of people and pets- excuse me while I laugh hysterically at the thought!!! But, I'm healing slowly... damn it hurt getting the stitches though! They "numb" the area... by shoving the needle into the open wound and squirting the numbing shit in it. Yeah, that was also fantastic....

But, being semi- immobile has caused me to head over and rearrange some things on my LuLu page. For those that aren't familiar, lulu.com is a great place to self-publish just about anything. I currently have 2 downloadable novels over there, so head over and check them out. And tell your friends. ;) My only advice if you decide to use it for your own publishing? Stick with downloadables... the cost of printing the books for sale will be outrageous if you actually want any sort of profit. Which, ya know, ya should! lol

So that's what's what over here... I'll hobble back your way later this week and fill you in on the craziness. But for now- tell me something: what was your worst injury?


Reluctant Housewife said...

Ouch! I hope you heal fast & feel more mobile soon.

Anonymous said...

OUCH! Did you at least get pain killers? OUCH!!! Feel beter soon!

Jennifer H said...

I'm trying to figure out how you did that? Wow. That had to hurt like a mother, and I'm guessing there was a lot of blood (I'm freakish in my curiosity about this sort of thing).

But OUCH! Damned dog, indeed.

No serious injuries really. Knock on wood.