12 Million Can't Be Wrong...

So, American Idol was a bit of a shocker last night. I'm thrilled, because I really really like David Cook. Took me a little time, but he was the most original guy they had on there- he took every song and made it his own. Jim was backing him from auditions, same as he did Chris Daughtry. And well, we all see where he's at don't we?

but anyway, short and sweet- we have a new American Idol. A rocker with style, who can take any song and make it pretty awesome. I can't wait to see what he does next!

And does anyone watch Bones? Wow, that was a season finale!!! We knew it had to be someone on the inside (for those non-Bones people, you gotta check it out!) but Zach? Wow! And I don't think it's over. Not completely. I still think Hodgins is involved somehow. He was acting awfully suspicious.

So, what did you think of AI? Are you satisfied with the results? And Bones, if you watch? What do you think will happen next?

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