A Quick (rather than tell you every teeny tiny detail) Recap!

I have been a bad blogger. Bad reader, commenter, etc. I have. But, I have this whole blog built free thing happening, so I try not to feel too badly about it. And feel badly about it anyway. :)

The thing I've noticed about keeping up with things- be it blogs, message boards, sometimes even emails and returning calls- is that just when you're rolling along, getting everything into a system that works for you, BAM! Life happens. And sometimes Life happens hard. And then you have to step back, survey the damage and or chaos, and move from there. Not always pleasant... usually really UNpleasant... but something that just has to be done.

I've been lurking, but not posting. Reading but not commenting. But things honestly have me drained at the moment and it's been rough keeping up. School just let out for Jake, Taylor's decided now's the time to start teething, and Jim's been home for a couple weeks now, waiting to be called back to work. It's been... stressful... to put it mildly. At times, it's been Dear God, I Should Take up Drinking In the Afternoons. Cause being alone with my husband is great- for a time. Then we start to irk each other- especially since he messes with my daily routines. Which, in turn, messes with the baby's daily routines. We know how this goes. Although, it's nice to have him home sometimes, too. Ya know, when Taylor takes an afternoon nap? Heh.

So, there it is in a nutshell- proof I'm still alive.... for now. And not drinking in the afternoons... yet....

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