Well, I Guess It's a Brand New Day After All!

Welcome to 29 going on 12, ladies and gentlemen. I am no longer in charge here; a prepubescent girl with braces and a bad perm has temporarily taken over. Because of this and this.

The Today Show was something to see. It was a definite flashback for me, and I'll bet it was for them too- there were girls everywhere. Or I guess I should say that there were women everywhere- women crying, screaming, jumping up and down. Women wearing smiles and laughs that made them look like young girls. Women wearing New Kids T-shirts, holding up signs, banners, etc., which was making me smile before the boys (yes, they're men, but they'll always be the boys) even came out. When they did, it got louder in NYC and deathly quiet in my living room. It was the oddest thing, seeing them standing there together after all this time and feeling like it was yesterday.

We haven't changed much, the Kids and the girls. We're all a little older, a little more worn around the edges. We've all seen more, done more, been more since the last time our paths crossed. But, it felt so good, in the midst of all the terrible stuff we're now privy to as adults, to remember that innocence, that sweetness, the thrill of them. They look good, fit and healthy, not tired and worn out and just exhausted of it all the way they were starting to there at the end. But, like all the girls (and some guys, too) they've been away from it, done their own things, had families, marriages... and entire life separate from the mayhem of being NKOTB.

So, I'll bask in my inner teeny bopper, remember being twelve, and say Welcome Back. It truly is nice to see you all together again.


LceeL said...

Nice to travel down memory lane ... but a boy band reunion?

jennifer h said...

I think I'm old.

When they were popular the first time around I was beyond their demographic.

But I'm sure there are equivalent bands for me. Have fun with the (flashback) perm and braces!