Because You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up...

I know, I know. I've been a bad blogger and a worse commenter of late. I'm still reading, I promise, but the last few weeks have been insanity around the zoo here. First the sickness, then the added craziness of Jake's school field trips- one a week for three weeks running (this will be week 2)- and trying to get back on track with the house stuff and now the outdoor stuff, since spring is finally (did I mention FINALLY!!!!) here.

But, to make us all even nuttier, this has been my week. First, we acquired this guy, which you guys know already. His name is Bart. And I am already reminding myself several times a day that we got him on purpose. Seriously, it isn't as bad as I make it sound, but he is a puppy, after all. And puppies tend to get into stuff, and have very little control over bathroom issues. They truly are harder than toddlers, to me, because you have to watch them more closely. They can choke, or eat something that will make them sick, or crap on the floor if left alone for any amount of time. Thank God for the crate- it has been amazing. That and the fact that Bart does actually enjoy being on his leash, and using the bathroom outdoors. We're working on keeping him "down" though, because he does like to jump, and while he isn't going to be a big dog, I think it's rude and annoying when people let their dogs jump all over you. That and I don't want him jumping on Taylor. But, little annoyances aside, all is well there.

A few nights after Bart, however, Jim was getting ready to run to a friend's, looked out the door and saw this:
He was simply sitting on the porch, eating some cat food I leave out for the strays. A bad habit, I know, but I refuse to let them go hungry, and I also refuse to call our local cat shelter. I've been there before, got our very first cats from there, not knowing better, and it's not a place I'd send my worst enemy, let alone a cat. Besides, this little guy is identical, except in color, to our Tom. Markings, walk, stature, the way he looks at you... he IS Tom except he's orange where Tom is the dark tabby. So, I of course nabbed him. His behaviors tell me he'd never been indoors, or around people, and that he was starved (most of his weight is a heavy, fluffy dense fur... again, like Tom). I've never seen a cat eat the way he did that first night- I had to keep taking it from him. He was shoveling it in, not really even chewing, and I was almost positive he'd choke or puke everywhere (another trait he'd have inherited....). So we were all siting on the couch when Jim came home, blinked a few times, said some interesting things, sighed and shook his head.

I feel for Jim. He knew going in that I love animals (especially cats). He didn't know I can't turn away a stray though. I've fed strays off and on for years, income and circumstance permitting, and have always been the first one to run out and grab a kitten or cat if and when I can catch one, lol. We've had several, because cats do run away, get ill, etc., and because when I see so many ads in the papers I think of that animal shelter and the kittens I saw there. But I have never just happened upon a small kitten on the porch that way before- not one that small. And certainly not a relative!

He's adjusting (and nameless right now). He's pretty skittish, but he's started cuddling up to me on the couch in the evenings and even got in my lap last night for awhile. He really likes Duncan and follows him everywhere. But he's little too, so we're having to watch where we walk a lot more than we used to!

So that's where I've been- potty training and cat catching. lol In between taking care of the baby, the house, and running the kids back and forth to school, Jake's therapies and appointments. Is it bedtime yet????


jennifer h said...

I'll just bet your address is on all the Kitty Facebook pages, for where to go for a good meal!

You obviously have a great heart.

Maureen said...

Awwwww.... kitty is beautiful!!! You are such a great person to bring him in.... what a lucky guy!!!

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