Dear Taylor,
I understand you are proud of yourself and excited to learn new things. But, can you please stop squealing at the top of your lungs like you have been doing since 2:30 this morning? This is not one of those new things that Mommy claps for and says "go Taylor." This is one of those new things that makes Mommy wait for her ears to start bleeding.
And the not sleeping, just to make the noise? Not cool, kid. Just. Not. Cool. So, please reserve this newfound noise for unwelcome visitors, unwanted telephone calls, and possibly alone time with your father.



Melinda Zook said...

I feel you here. My daughter is a squealer too. I guess I should pass on some tips to her too! Cute post!

A Man Among Mommies said...

I feel ya... My 3 yo SON does not squeal, but Whines!!!

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