A Hint of Spring

Finally, the snow seems to be melting. Hopefully for good (as I type this, I realize just how many times I've said or typed those words this winter). We have had umpteen snow days, delays, early dismissals (for snow as well as possible flooding due to melting snow) and zero time to actually enjoy it. Unless you want to slice yourself wide open- then go right ahead. The snow this last couple winters has been, in Lyss-peak, an ice sandwich: Layers of ice, then snow, then ice again, with a soft, deceptive layer of the powdery kid attractors on top. Snow, not blow ;) But, spring has been showing itself in spurts (albeit way too small spurts for me), and that has motivated me into a lot of clearing out.

My challenge this year is one I find myself coming back to a lot. (Like, every year.) And never truly finishing. I get a little done, then somehow... drift off into something else. I want a total clear out of all the clutter in my life. House clutter, mind and body clutter. Because sometimes we need a renovation just as much (if not more) than our house does. I think that's where the blog is going to come in- I find it becoming more and more than just a place to talk about the kids, or post funny pics of my cats. It is still that, always will be, but there's other stuff that needs to be said as well, and I guess you guys are going to come along for the ride. Buckle up!

I find myself doing a small bit each day. I have a habit of quitting the second I begin to feel overwhelmed,(and it honestly does not take much these days) so I don't allow myself to. I set a small goal and go for it- usually accomplishing something else along with it. That works for me, even if it's something as simple as finally folding some laundry and scrubbing the tub. It's one less thing to do tomorrow, and I'm happier for it. That spreads out, and slowly, everyone gets a little more smiley. And believe me, with the cabin fever happening around here, everyone needs all the smiles they can get!

Those cupboards are slowly taking shape- they're designated and organized how I want. I ended up with a new set of cookware (red!) and new dishes (a mocha-tan color.... think cafe au lait color) to push me onward in the organizing, and it's helped. I'm thinking coffee house, in the mocha/cafe au lait and deep reds, so the cookware and dishes are good at pushing me on. I'm pretty visual and instant gratification oriented (think impatient toddler, lol) so whatever pushes me through my chores (which I hate) is a plus. I want a spotless, organized house. I just want someone else to do it for me.

Basically, I want a total overhaul. In a lot of areas. Whatever it takes. And it may be hard, because we are pack rats, Jim and I, in house and in our minds. We need to clear it all out, toss out that crap from 1980 we'll never read, watch, play, look at again, and do the same with the crap in our hearts and heads that only continues to take up precious space with negative results or feelings. What we don't need is to pass it on. We need to pass on the good stuff, the special stuff, the family stories and memories that will give the good vibes and warm fuzzies to the kids. And we need to keep making our own. We are getting there. Day by day, we are getting there. For the first time in a long time, we're on the same page. In the same book. :)

So, that's the progress from here. Like I have said a million times before, it's all about the baby steps. And it isn't how fast you get there, it's what the journey actually means. I'm a big believer in that- every step in this journey we're each on means something. Good or bad, you learn. And it shapes you.

So, here's to journeys- yours, mine and all the rest. Enjoy each step, don't stop from falling, and dance like hell whenever you can~


The Rambling Housewife said...

I love this post!!!

And I want to do the same thing!!

Get organized in every aspect of my life . . .

Great idea!!

jennifer h said...

What a great post. I'm right there with you on this one--it's a daily struggle containing the clutter. And the only way to tackle it is a little at a time.

I love the colors you've chosen--red is my favorite, and I bet it looks gorgeous against the caffe au lait color.

Also, I need instant gratification, too, especially on that kind of project.

Angela said...

Do you read flylady.com? Her decluttering stuff is great...the entire plan is a bit exhaustive I think...but she's got some great tips for getting stuff in order without overwhelming yourself.