Super Tuesday!

Just thought I'd take a second and encourage all of you to vote today. I'm not going to go into a huge political rant- though I may at a later date- but be aware of all the issues and the various candidates (and parties!!) stance on things that are needed and beneficial to our country. We need a change. A positive one. We need better health care, funding for education and children's services, as well as numerous other things. And we need to get our troops out of where they don't belong, and get them home safely.

I would never take it upon myself to tell anyone how to vote, or how to feel. All I can, and will, do is express my own opinion. No one has to agree with me, just like I don't have to agree with anyone else. What we all do have a responsibility toward, however, is respecting those opinions and beliefs that differ from ours, and disagreeing gracefully. Unless it's within your own family, of course- then you can attempt to beat them into submission! :)

So, vote! Choose wisely, based on your knowledge and the knowledge of the candidates. Do not vote for gender, race, or because of smear tactics. Vote for the best candidate, to you, and we shall see what happens!

And in case ya wondered, it's Obama for me.

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