New Look!

As you can see, we've already done some renovating here at the Not So Domestic Diva. I'm big on changing it up, page wise. I like finding new patterns or colors to fit the moment, and this one is perfectly "me" for February! It's Valentine without the hearts or frills- cause let's face it, I'm anything but frilly. Hence the "Not So" there in the title. But I'm just frilly enough... cause i am a diva after all!

So what do you think? And while you're looking around, check out the places I visit. Especially The Gentle Art of Ruling Your Husband . It's a new site run by one of my new blogging buddies, Mrs. Fussypants.

If you ever wanted a great marriage site (and a fun one, not a stuffy one!) this is the place to go!

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we_be_toys said...

Love the look of your new page! Very February and Valentine's Day, without the frilliness. I like the textured effect of the background - groovy baby!