Another Note

She will be turning 11, this month. Our first baby, our first child. She met her father first, screamed then slept in his arms as he introduced her to her grandparents, aunts, uncles, as I recovered from the surgery that finally brought her to us. She was our only planned baby, our first endeavor into this game of being grown up, and she was a gift neither of us were prepared for or really expected. She is independent, outspoken, compassionate and a complete blend of he and I, this girl who loves astronomy, Stephen King, Big Time Rush and school. She deals with an autistic brother and 3 year old sister, waiting past their demands to be seen, and handled the changes of life with a grace I envy and an empathy I will admit I do not have. She loves us, but loves him fiercely, in a way I can't explain, and with moments I will never explain. She loves completely, unconditionally, and knows herself more now than even we do. Strong, beautiful, smart, and a person completely apart from either of us, and yet parts of both of us shaken and stirred. She is an imperfect blend made into perfection, and everything we wanted and more. It began with her, this crazy ride we are on, and the changes coming are for her. She is the trump card, the ace in the hole. She gave us the meaning of the word "family". And that is more, to us, than anything we could have hoped for. For her, I make my choices. And so does he. Life~ funny that way . Love, a lot better :)


we_be_toys said...

*sniff* I know that feeling! I loved this!

Whiney Momma said...

Aww, that is so sweet. It sounds like you have a very special and loving daughter. I love posts like this... a nice one to save for her in a letter or something for when she is older.