It's a Cat House, Everyone....

I don't even know where to start. With my lost (and now replaced) cell phone? With the light in the microwave suddenly deciding to die? (OK, that's not a big deal, but for some reason, it freaks me out). With the loss of Internet for days due to non-working anti-virus software, leading to malware, Trojans and other lovelies taking up residence on my beloved PC? Or with the cat setting himself on fire?

No, no, you read it right. My cat took it upon himself to jump onto my stove, where my gas burner was on, and proceeded to burn himself. Nothing severe- he was singed, whiskers and some of his neck hair- but no actual burns, didn't hit the skin.... But it scared me half to death. And only seems to have reinforced that whole "don't jump on my counters or stove" deal I have going on. Because when I'm cooking? And you decide you want to get a bite of it? You will burn your ass. And then you will look as if you permed your whiskers, and after the heart attack, I will laugh at you.

There's also the pregnant cat who has taken to sleeping on our porch. The same cat I believe either had or dropped her kittens here last summer. Now, she belongs to someone in the neighborhood, and maybe it's just me, but I think she should be kept indoors right now. She's hugely pregnant, and I wouldn't want my cat outdoors when hugely pregnant. Too many things can happen, in my opinion, and it just doesn't seem the safest thing to do. Also, I really, really, REALLY don't want her having kittens here. I wonder if it was one of my boys that did the job, though, the way she's hanging out with them. **sigh** We don't need more cats, and I know this, logically. But should she have them here and leave them, I know exactly what I'll do. I just can't leave them out there, especially when they're that small and defenseless. And the little guys from last summer were teeny tiny when I brought them in. So, Internet, pray for healthy kittens, wherever they may be born. And pray J doesn't kill me if we end up outnumbered by feline companions....

I will have something more interesting to talk about soon, I promise. LOL Stay tuned- you never know what's around the corner.

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we_be_toys said...

Oh girl - the never ending saga of a house full of cats - I hear you! Glad the jumping cat didn't get too badly burnt - they're good for frealing us out, aren't they?
I'm afraid if there were kittens outside (and yes, that mama cat needs to be indoors - some people just suck as owners, don't they?) I'd be bringing them in too.
Are you having one opf those weeks or what??!!