Back to (Semi) Normal

**I am removing my previous post. I'm not changing my opinion, but my blog isn't supposed to be about the drama, it's about my life, thoughts and other stuff. Not shit that doesn't really matter. We all deal with/meet people we don't care for. I unfortunately handled it much like those I complain about. I apologize to my regular readers for sounding like a ten year old for a minute. Back to the regular stuff.

Finally, the weather seems to have calmed down. It left a fair share of damage behind though, and not just the ice and now slush on top of ice we're wading and driving through. In our county alone, there are over a thousand without power. We have shelters open for the people doing without, and I'm grateful we didn't lose more than the satellite for awhile. I cannot imagine trying to keep my kids sane in that sort of situation. Or myself. It's great that people are donating food and other items that are needed, though. It's pretty awesome when we can all band together like that, you know?

The kids went back to school today, on a delay, but still. They now have make-up days in summer, which sucks, but there was no working around this storm. We hit a Level 2 emergency and stayed there a couple days, and finally dropped to Level 1, but I don't think I've seen it quite that bad in a LONG time. When it was dark, it seriously looked as if the snow and roads were under a large piece of glass. There were no cracks or breaks, just a straight sheen of ice. It was pretty in a surreal way, but scary as hell when people you know are driving to and from work in it.

At least there's a semi normalcy happening again. We all had a major case of cabin fever, that's for sure. The kids actually wanted to go back to school... and I was more than ready for it. They spent most of last week bickering and picking at one another, and I felt like I was threatening, warning, or disciplining every five seconds. And wondering what it would be like to lock myself in the bathroom and let them finish each other off. Very, very tempting that.

Everyone seems in higher spirits, so I'll take that and run with it for now. Since it's forecasting snow for tomorrow... and Wednesday.... Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't interfere with getting people's power back on! Or cause any more outages or damages... it's been ridiculous! Here's hoping for an EARLY sign of spring!!!!!

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Complicated Mama said...

Stopping in from SITS....

I totally missed the original post, since Im new to your blog... but Im a firm believer in never apologizing for your thoughts.. even if they sounded like a 10 yr old! hehe

PS- Amen! to the early spring. Im so done with this snow... and BONE CHILLING cold weather.