Reality Bites

Sometimes, when things don't go as planned, it really is a kick in the guts. Even when you were expecting it, you still hold out hope that sometimes, someone will simply do the right thing. Not the political thing, or the whatever the bigger guy wants.. but just the right thing. Hell, I wonder if anyone even knows what that is anymore.

We're planning a new IEP meeting for Jake. For those in the dark, IEP stands for Individualized Education Program. It's a tool used for kids with a variety of needs, physical as well as emotional, to ensure their needs are met in school. Jake's needs an update (or just followed, really) so that's what we're doing. I'm calling for the meeting, not the school. there are areas in the IEP that need erased as well as those that simply need revamped a little (like the supervision in line thing that no one did for the two weeks after it was written in... ). To NOT follow an IEP is breaking a written legal agreement. But at this point I think they could throw Jake under the school bus, with a hundred witnesses, and it wouldn't be their fault.

I've been told i need to open better lines of communication with the school. Tell me how to do that when no one returns phone calls, shows up at set meetings, or even bothers to follow the written words of former meetings? I do not trust the school. I do not trust the district. I do not feel comfortable calling there, when nothing is ever done as it is scheduled to be.

But, I'm going to do what I need to... what that is, I'm still learning. There are a lot of laws I was unaware of, a lot of ways to advocate with a smile on your face and a knife behind your back... ya know, like this school district does. Bitter much? At this point, yes.

Did you know that the incident where Jake was shaken has been written off as a personality conflict?? Really?? does that mean i can grab anyone I dislike by their collar, jerk them toward me, shake them and scream at them? And then slap them on the side of their legs? Because, if that's what it means, I have a LOT of catching up to do!!

I'm irate. again. Can you tell? But I'm tired. So damn tired of my days, weeks, etc., being consumed by phine calls trying to force people to step up and do what's right. He is not even GETTING his education- he's sitting at a table, spereate from his peers, coloring fucking pumpkin pictures.

My next move? the IEP meeting. Sending a written request for his complete records- and possibly requesting to have things removed. Like the lies in his IEP. Yeah, let them think they've backed me into a corner, tired me out, gotten their way.

I'm not going away. How many times do I have to prove myself to people? I don't have to "suck it up", or "get over it". This isn't a power struggle, or a game. This is a child's life. So, yeah... that whole backing off thing? Screw them.

It's prmoising to be a busy week- stick around.

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