Proving My Point

Dear Principal of Elementary School My Son Currently Attends,

Thank you so much for taking the time this morning to prove me right about you, your school, and the horrible situation my child has endured since he stepped foot into your building. He has been assaulted by another student, falsely accused of sexual behavior when it was actually another child (who, by the way, got punched in the junk by my kid twice because he didn't like the other kid feeling him up... never did do anything about that, huh?) , verbally, emotionally and physically abused by a teacher (the same one who refused to send home forms regarding his medical records and lunch choice- my kid almost didn't get to eat) who is the ONLY person in the entire history of Jake's school career (including the aides in her room all day, every day) who has ever seen or heard things "sexual" or "inappropriate" from my child.

Yesterday, I spoke to Jake's caseworker, who observed him in his new classes at your school. She got glowing reviews about his academic performance (he's doing 2nd grade math), and glowing reports about his behavior. He is a "typical kindergartner" when it comes to behavior, and these same teacher expressed confusion over the "behaviors" he was supposedly exhibiting in another class. Things they were looking for? Have never materialized. He is bright, he is a joy, he is a wonderful child. His IEP is not being followed, but requests have been made, by his aide, on his behalf for the therapy he is not recieving... even though you claim you follow IEPS to the letter. Of course you do, since it's the law, and you are such an honest individual.

I appreciate you taking the time to corner J this morning when he dropped Jake off at school. To tell him of Jake's behavior issues. since he stuck his tongue out someone yesterday. To offer to call the teacher you wouldn't give a name) to your office to tell "her side of the story". I also appreciate your feeling that he isn't getting his needs met in his current class setting, and needs to be moved back to his original classroom. You know, since the whole shaking, jerking thing never happened. Same for the screaming in his face. So he can go back... fantastic plan! Obviously nothing happened, since it had to be set up to make that teacher turn and go in an opposite direction if she and Jake were in the same location, because of his obvious fear and worry. Same for keeping her away from the bus at the end of the day....obviously he's a liar, because he was suddenly afraid to go to the bus. Same for the vomiting, wetting his pants and his bed, the crying and rages, and the sudden on set of panic attacks. It's quite obvious that nothing negative happened while in this bitch.. er, teacher's... care.

I also appreciate you telling J how manipulative Jake is, how much trouble he has with his work, how he doesn't want to do it (he works very well with small breaks to recharge, he's at his level and above academically, and he loves to do classwork according to his teachers???). I think it's wonderful for you to take the time to first state he needs to be in special education full time, because of his issues.. and then when corrected and told of the conversation with his caseworker, state that he needs to be in regular kindergarten, without an aide.... in a different school. The school we've wanted to move him to since the first week of school... remember, when you were so concerned about his tooth being busted that you never looked into it?

It went over very well when you brought up the "unfortunate" mistaken identity incident and attempted to apologize for it. After calling my child a liar and a manipulator. I wonder how it felt when J told you that there was absolutely no circumstance when Jake would be anywhere near (insert abusive shrew of teacher's name here) again. Non negotiable. Apparently, it went well enough that you suggested he move schools.

So, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to prove everything I have stated since working with you and your school. You are untrustworthy, you are an ass covering liar who does not have anyone's best interest at heart but making yourself look good. You never have cared about my child's education or his physical, emotional, or academic well being while in your building. Your motives were crystal clear this morning- he either goes back to the classroom where he was frightened and not progressing, or he leaves your building.

I believe this states without a doubt that you want him to fail- have set him up to fail. It must chap your ass that this has been avoided at every turn- because I won't allow it to happen. Let's move him, then.. we all want that. Even Jake, who has begged not to have to come back to your school. Daily.

We will have our IEP meeting. I will make very specific notes to be added. He WILL move schools. And then, we will never have to deal with one another again, in a school setting (insert evil smile)

I know I am repeating myself, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your actions this morning. It proves so much to me, as well as his advocates. Especially since I warned them that setting up an IEP, or going to observe him would cause him problems. every time, something negative has happened. And what did you do? Reacted as I knew you would- thank you for being so consistent!!

I hope you are happy with the way you have treated each of these incidents, and can justify them to others, as well as yourself. You'll have to forgive me if as I leave your building with my son for the last time, I stick out my tongue.

After all, the kid must get his issues from someone, right?


we_be_toys said...

Nice letter! If only it could be said to their faces, without getting branded as "one of those moms".
I'm thinking getting the hell out of that school sounds like a good plan - sheesh! What a nightmare.

Huckdoll said...

Oh my God...what a nightmare :(