Another One Bites the Dust....

What IS it about me that makes appliances say "screw this shit"? Now, we have to get a new oven. Which, I admit, is bittersweet. Yeah, it sucks because of the money that will be spent. Especially considering holidays and birthdays (Taylor, thanksgiving J, Christmas, New Years then Jake, all in a row). But- this oven was here when I moved into this house. I have always hated it- it's older than God, has never been taken care of (I had to use a chisel and scraper to clean it before using it, ok?) and it has finally taken its leave.

I have never had a new oven. The prospect excites me. This one was gas rather than electric, and I did like it. It proved somewhat easier on cooking in some ways, and I'll have to get another one- I'm too paranoid about the gas lines, carbon monoxide, etc., to trust anyone to fix that properly for me. Plus, when we have power outages, I can still cook- that's come in handy a few times here during storms. Especially winter storms.

But a new, white, shiny oven? Without years of buildup that never fully came clean? Hehehehehehehee. I know, I know- it's an appliance. I should be this excited over jewelry or some such extravagance. But, let's look at my recent birthday-holiday requests: crock Pot, cookware, etc. That's what gets my juices flowing. right now, I'm salivating over a pizzelle maker. I told you I was weird....

I do hope, however, that this is the last major appliance we need to replace for a LONG time. In the past few years, it's been a new washer. Then a new toilet, sink and bathtub. THEN a new dryer. New fridge... you see where this is going. It's insane. Just two weeks ago, we had to get a new microwave (which I adore beyond reason). We need a break on the appliance area, right?

Now, I'm off to ponder whether I want a white oven (to match the fridge) or a stainless steel and black model (to match my new love, the microwave)..... What would YOU do? LOL

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we_be_toys said...

Oh go for the black and stainless - it'll match the microwave and show less dirt.
You guys are in appliance hell this year - we had a year like that, where everything died or blew up. Good times...!