It's been awhile since I plastered the kiddos' mugs on here, and I figured it was past time. blogger is being uncooperative (has been a lot for me lately?) about posting a lot of pics in one post, so this will have to do. For now! Tomorrow there will be more, and there will be blood, gore... and Steelers cheerleaders! Wanna know? You'll have to come and see...

But for now, I give you the monsters, LOL

Taylor, enjoying her bath. she's developed the need for splash time lately, drenching everything in reach- usually me! :)

Jake, faking a smile for the ever hated camera. LOL I force him, because someday I'll want more than a random shot to look back on!

Alyssa with the ever present Barbie (they vary, but there is usually one or more in hand, or within reach.. and the drama these women live through! Good Lord!) Also present, the resident lion-cat, Dizz. LOL

Miss T, sporting her Dad's Steelers hat. This is before she took it off and tried to eat it!

One of my favorites.

Miss Lyss and the ever present Dizzle. she claimed at the time she couldn't feel her chest anymore- I don't think it looks like he cares much, huh?

This is the first of many, I'm sure. Lot of holidays and birthdays in the next few months- brace yourself for the cuteness!

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Anonymous said...

GREAT pics! Cute kidlets!!!