Here We Go...

Things are speeding up over here, Internet. My mind, as always, is racing in a zillion different directions. This week is going to be insane- for the ton of stuff that needs to get done, as well as my not so slow descent into a wriggling mass of nerves and excitement as this Friday edges closer. (5 days!!)

I'm thinking more and more about the non profit organization idea. It's sticking with me, and when something sticks, it must mean something. I love the idea of opening doors in our community (a very very small community) to bring in more information for the places that need to know more. There's not a lot of education regarding autism here when it comes to schools and other facilities that may be dealing with autistic children. And there should be, because if you do not know how to deal with the possibilities, the spectrum, the individuality of each case, then you as well as the families you deal with have less hope than they should. How can you properly advocate for a child, or children, that you don't understand?

In no way is that knocking the lack of education or on hand information here- we're in a place where funding doesn't allow for a lot of things, where knowledge is coming in from larger cities, and is pretty scarce. To learn more, you basically have to look for it on your own. that makes it more difficult- how many teachers, social workers, etc., have that extra time? They have their own families and lives to enjoy after their day is done. And for social workers, case managers, and CS, I know those days sometimes stretch into long evenings keeping them at work. When they finally do have a minute, they need the break.

What we need to do is bring it to them. And after going through the last couple weeks, I wonder if I may be able to help do that, even if it's just a nudge in that direction. That would be a huge movement here; the more you know, the more you can communicate with people and places that don't know, but want to. Or need to. It's definitely on my mind.

The other thing on my mind is that Cleveland is creeping up on me. There's less than a week to go, and I keep thinking about this "Face Time" we keep hearing about ;). as well as whether "I'm ready" or "Got my mind right." I don't know about ready- can you ever be? LOL I'm ready as I can ever be, is my final answer. And ready for what exactly? The concert itself? Meeting all the fans and hanging out with them? Possibly seeing, up close, the group of men who have caused all this insanity? :) Yes, yes and aw hell no. LOL That's the best I can do. there are no promises on that whole "I'll say this or do this if we happen to meet them.....". Get me through sounding semi intelligent, with little to no crying, and not feeling the need to puke? I'll consider that a success. (That puke thing is a valid concern. I have puked before. On the outer front of a tour bus, and I WAS an over anxious kid.. But, you see my concern. Being remembered would be one thing. Being remembered as the chick who pukes? Quite another. Let's have the possible memories be pleasant, shall we?)

Like I said, I will be twittering here, so feel free to add me if you want updates on the chaos as it happens. I will not be updating during the show, but before and after, you can expect to know just about anything and everything happening. LOL

I'll keep you posted, Internet, on any and all things happening this week. Meetings are still running rampant, but for different, better reasons. I feel more at ease, even as my stomach clutches at the thought of the opening chords and being asked "Are you ready for Showtime?...."
This is gonna be one hell of a week, so my question to all of my readers.. ALL of them... is this - Are YOU ready!?!?!??!

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Anonymous said...

I work for a non profit organization and it is so rewarding and awesome - it was started 14 years ago by two best friends and it is amazing to see what it has grown into - it is geared for seniors, but either way just a word of encouragement for you.