The Comeback Kids

What is it about 2008? Or really, 07-08? This seems to be the year, or years, of the band reunion. Everyone from Stone Temple Pilots, The Black Crowes, B52's and more... not neglecting my boys, NKOTB.... are back together, or doing reunion tours. It's almost like a time warp, and kind of odd to see/hear some bands, songs, etc., that I listened to eons ago played as if they're brand new singles. Of course, with our local radio station, it's basically 80's all the time, so maybe it shouldn't seem so weird?

What I wonder is if all the former fans, closet fans or still off and on listeners to all these guys and gals (even Def Leppard and Motley Crue are in on the getting-back-together hoopla) will enjoy a second time around? Are we in for a new generation of big hair, ripped jeans and rattails? Or... even scarier... the 20, 30, and 40 somethings who listened back in the day digging through their closets for the 80's look?

So, you tell me- who was your favorite band back in the day? How obsessed were you? Do you still listen? Would you be into it if they got back together- or are they already?


The Rambling Housewife said...

Guess everyone's already out of money! (lol)

Cyrikk said...

The only way I'd support an old music favorite is if they'd actually bring anything NEW to the table....who wants the same old stuff? Music should be about evolution, not stagnant replays of same old yawnfests...