From the Trenches

Welcome to another post brought to you by the obviously crazy woman who keeps adding people, things, and animals to her house. Maybe said crazy woman should add some Prozac.....

Seriously, it's not going too badly. Looking past the fact that the puppy (still no name for the poor thing) is an eliminating machine and hates to be alone in a room, or even across the room. Ever. Because it kills him. And he has to whine about it. Loudly. He does understand to go potty outside, which is great. He goes every time we take him out. Still not quite getting that it means we don't do it on the floor in the house, right next to the puppy pads. Those pads? Yeah...he thinks they're toys. Not for poop, for chew. And he wants to poop every ten minutes or so. Unless he's in the crate, then he doesn't go. At all. Crates are terrific- never had one before, but would never, ever do the dog thing again without one. You just can't leave them in there for huge chunks of time. His food and water's in there, he has a blanket and the door is open all day, so he can go in and out as he chooses. It helps with him going in at night. He goes in, whines a bit and then passes out. It's like his own place, he likes it, and it keeps us sane and not stepping in crap first thing in the morning. Which keeps me from screaming and possibly throwing things. At myself, since I wanted a dog.

So, that's where we are. The kids adore him, he adores everyone- he is the friendliest puppy I've ever come across I think. Taylor is still unsure- she watches him closely, but suspiciously. He wants to befriend the cats, who are... less than thrilled, shall we say? But I think, once he settles in, this could be a definite member of the crew!


The Rambling Housewife said...

You'll be so happy you've crate trained him.

It REALLY helps with house-training.

And they learn to love their crates. They appeal to their "denning" instinct.

I have two huge German Shepherds. Both love their crates, which is really helpful when people come over! :)

jennifer h said...

Good luck with the house training.

Whiney Momma said...

Congrats on the puppy! Oh, I so want one but I think I need the Prozac first : )
Good luck with the poopie process. It will take some time but he'll get it down. We used to use a bell on the door and everytime we'd take him out, tap his nose on the bell (hanging from a string off the knob). Within no time, our doggie woudl go over and knock the bell and we knew he had to go out!

Whiney Momma said...

BTW, I am tagging you for a meme.