And It's Time For A Change...

Even if it's just my blog colors, it's time for a change. The white was just killing me- too stark, too plain. Too unlike me, my family, or even my blog. I prefer not to go neon anything (more like me, my family, perhaps my blog...) so a nice spring-summer creamy yellow worked out. For today. :)

I thought, for a change, I'd ask all of YOU to do something fun- post your favorite recipes in the comments section. Just for something different. It can be a dessert, main course, any meal, snack, holiday dish, seasonal.... that's up to you guys. Anything you can't live without? Anything that has saved dinner time, or your kid's finicky attitudes? I am CONSTANTLY on the look out for recipes my picky eaters (hubby is the pickiest of all) will eat. And in turn, I'll devote a week (maybe more!) to different recipes I come across that look (or are) yummy, easy and fun!

OK, bloggers- have at it!


we_be_toys said...

I'm going to leave you the link to this recipe, because I'm a lazy girl who can't type for doodly!


We have loved eating this - I've even got the boys eating it now, and it can extend a couple of chicken breasts to feed 6 people, or it can be made without, for the vegetarian palate.

We're all about improvising, so change it as you see fit - bon appetit!

Anonymous said...


Angela said...

Here is my favorite recipe: pick up the phone and order a pizza. It's delicious. Starting a business while wrapping up my "real job" means I am working two full time jobs. Which? Sucks.