Hack This!

Could it be I touched a nerve somewhere with my post yesterday? That doesn't necessarily have me jumping up and down with glee- especially since I had to get new passwords for my email (again) and blog. But, I do find it funny.

I don't write for anyone or anything in particular. I write for a number of reasons. I like sharing tidbits of my life here in Small Town Ohio. I like the circle of women I read, comment on and talk to. I like feeling as if I might just be making someone laugh or think with something I say. I don't write for any one person, and I certainly don't set out to zero in on that one moron and pick on them, rub their faces in anything, etc.... I have a life.

I've posted pictures, names.... I'm doing nothing anonymously, and I probably won't ever do anything anonymously. I get why people do; safety issues, etc., and I don't knock anyone for how they choose to blog. But, if I were to blog anonymously, it wouldn't be out of a safety issue. It would be for all the wrong reasons, and I just won't do it.

I won't refuse to put pics of my family or pets on here just because "certain people" may see them. I won't live that way anymore. It simply isn't worth it. Look at my beautiful children, my funny animals. Read what they do, say and accomplish. Make snide remarks or whatever you gota do to get through the day. Whoopdie do. I don't give a shit. I won't bite my tongue or hide my stories- they are mine to tell. I will not have this constant wonder of who may see this, dislike it, etc.... I don't give a shit. If you read it, you must want to see what I'm saying. Otherwise, why would you be here??

Like I said in my first post (read the archives if you must) I'm not going to name people here. I'm not going to pull punches though. This is about my life, my family and friends, and other shit I deal with. If you don't want me mentioning you, in any way shape or form, don't be part of it. That would solve it all, right? Right!
But~ I'm a bit sick of the email bullshit. Stop doing it, whoever you are. I don't need to keep getting new passwords. I do not need anyone's penis enlarged. I also do not care what Asian brides await me with just one click. So, new hobby, please!

And PS~ on yesterday's post? I meant his, not mine. :)


Dolores said...

Ahhh... Your blog is a breath of fresh air! New Commentor and I love the blog! :-D

Lyndel said...

Good words.