Blog Award Time!

OK, enough procrastinating on this one. I got this award from Melinda quite some time ago, and it has taken me all this time to figure out who to pass it onto. Here we go.

First to Jennifer, for being not only a very gifted writer, but a newfound and good friend, helping me (without realizing at first) to begin my own journey. You are a wonderful person with a HUGE talent as well as the strength I wish I had!

Next to Angela, someone i have just recently had the honor of talking to. Another journey-mate, and another talented writer. Keep on writing, and never ever let those voices quiet you!

To Huckdoll, because she's real, raw and cool as hell. You are the cool kid in the group who'd have never hung out with me! :)

To we_be_toys, and The Rambling Housewife for being (I think) the first people who ever read my blog. And for various other reasons as well, especially for the perspective concerning my son.

Please, no one feel left out. I appreciate you all, just wanted to give some special love to those who have made such a difference in the blogosphere for me! Thanks to you guys so much, and keep doing what you do!!


Angela said...

Oh yay!!! I get to be the first to say thank you. I am thrilled!

jennifer h said...

Autumn, thank you for this, and for your words. It's a beautiful sentiment and a very pretty award. I'll be here to read every word you write. Turns out, the view gets better once you get started. (Wish I'd known that sooner.)

Thanks again.

The Rambling Housewife said...

Why Thank You, Sweet Autumn!!

I love reading your blog--I really do!

But I must say . . .all this time, I've been thinking that I was the "cool girl!"


Who knew??

Huckdoll said...

Ohemgee! What a present to come on here and find this! You're awesome, thank you!!

Maureen said...

Congrats! I heart Huckdoll too!

Blog Hoppin'

LaskiGal said...

Congrats on your award. Hopped over . . . saw your profile pic. ADORABLE!

April said...

Congrats. Huckdoll is the coolest, isn't she?

Blog Hoppin',
Balancing Hops