On autism

I wanted to take a minute to share with you all an article I found here.
Please take the time to read the article, watch the video and do as the ladies at tutus and turtles ask in their wonderful post- head over to the website and see what you can learn about autism.

Being a mom, I know all about the usual kid issues- colds, fever, projectile vomiting. :) But I also know about autism, and the many forms it can take. My son is six years old, and is somewhere on that spectrum that seems never ending. So many traits and symptoms look like other disorders, other issues, that it's a constant uphill battle (for us) in reaching a proper diagnosis. It's also a constant battle for him to be seen as he really is, and not the kid getting shunned, stared at, or isolated because of his behaviors. Jake is so much more than the hyperactive, often angry little boy that is still trying to control his emotions. He is a loving, affectionate little kid who wants nothing more than to be loved and accepted in return.

Is it hard? You bet, on all of us. It's the hardest thing I, as a parent, will probably ever face. Sometimes it depresses me beyond all reason. Other times his innocent take on the world is refreshing and makes my heart melt. But always, every second, without fail, I am fighting for him. I am his warrior, I am the light at the end of the tunnel for him- and I know that I am not alone. There are so many parents, family members, friends, teachers, etc, willing to fight for answers, research and new methods and treatments for these kids. So please, take a second, follow that link, and if nothing else, learn more about this disorder.

And a major thanks to the gang at tutus and turtles for 2 terrific posts on autism. I appreciate it, and I'm sure there are hundreds, if not thousands of others who do as well.


we_be_toys said...

It's really tough, having a kid who falls outside of "normal", but stay the course - a lot of the tantrum stuff does back off as they get older (I think its par for most 6 year olds - I've seen a LOT of them do it, and they aren't all getting the autistic tag).

Autumn LeBeau said...

Oh definitely. Tantrums are really typical- but when they started to combine with a lot of other behaviors, it was time to check it out. His actual diagnosis is Early Onset Bipolar Disorder, with a tentative diagnosis on the ASD.

"Normal" is boring, anyway though, right? :)